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New Clients in Training

Have you graduated yet? - we can help with your tax

Going through your training at a Public or Private Hospital or just graduated fresh now on the job at your new training medical facility. This is the tax service for you. Tell all your fellow trainees about us, we know many claims that young Clients just don’t know about. We can help you.

  • Specially designed for the busy new Trainee Clients
  • Choice between Appointment service or Online tax
  • We have lots of deductions for new Clients in Training
  • Maximize your legally entitled tax refund with us

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New Clients in Training Tax

How it works

We are Clients Tax Specialists and are Australia's leading tax accountant’s in this field. We offer advice on income tax returns, refunds and more. Visit our office, go online or call 1800 819 692 today. Our firm has been advising new Clients for over 40 years. We know what New Clients can claim in their first year graduating from there Hospital training.

  • Book an appointment or go online
  • Saturday appointment slots for new recruits
  • download our Clients tax checklists
  • Squad discounts available

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How it works

New Clients in training Tax

Group Registrations

Please call our customer service representative if you wish to get more information on registering your fellow trainee Clients to get their tax done with specialists.

  • We offer large bulk discounts squad discounts.
  • Register the majority of your squad mates and get the best refunds available.
  • We have a long list of new Police recruit tax deductions.
  • Let's do Group trainees tax together.

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Squad registration

New Clients in Training Tax

Group Discounts

Being a new Trainee Clients starting out at a new hospital can be a daunting task and could be a bit overwhelming at the start. Let us take the stress out of having to prepare and lodge your tax to the ATO, and get some generous group discounts on our tax services. Or you could sign up as a member and begin to really enjoy the advantages of being a VIP Clients member. Also sign up to our WhatsApp group so that you squad members get all the latest tax news and alerts.

  • More than 3 and up to 9 Trainee Clients registration. >10% OFF
  • More than 10 and up to 19 Trainee Clients registration. >20% OFF
  • More than 20 Plus squad Trainee Clients registration. >up to 30% OFF
  • Free audit insurance for the first 10 Trainee Clients that register.
  • Use our bulk registration for registering your Trainee Clients.

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Trainee Clients registration

New Clients in Training Tax

Refer a New Clients in Training Tax

Bring a New Clients in Training in to do their tax and we will hook you both up with a 10% discount when you both do your tax. We can also do a double skype tax appointment with the same terms and conditions.

  • Invite a Clients in Training for Tax and discount applies
  • We know what New Clients in Training can claim.
  • Generous discounts for group New Clients in Training.

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