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We have been around for a long time but we not quite Jurassic park yet? LET's Look!

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About our Firm

Our Story

Our specialist Oz tax service has been around for 46 years and was started by the principal Garry Angus and his first client was a Senior Oz from the Austin Melbourne.

  • Specialist Oz tax service
  • 43 years’ experience
  • We understand Oz jobs.
  • Large tax checklist of Oz specific tax deductions.

Our story

About our Firm


We have a help desk of trained professionals to assist in the process of gathering tax information, Preparation of your taxes and a full explanation of your tax result. After you are satisfied your tax is lodged with the ATO by a secure electronic process with refunds generally back within 14 days.

  • Gathering basic tax information
  • Salary/bank and tax deductions are recorded
  • Extensive Oz tax checklists are used
  • We try and legally maximise your refund
  • After you are completely satisfied we lodge.

Our assistance

About our Firm

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There are multiple ways to contact us to make the tax process a lot easier. Our friendly staff are available to assist you during our office hours

  • Call us Toll free
  • Email & support ticketing system
  • SMS message to our office mobile
  • Social Media & mobile messaging services
  • We have accountants in many languages
  •  Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

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About our Firm

Privacy Policy's

We have gone out of our way to protect your privacy whether you are lodging online or are using our face to face and skype appointment sysytems. We employ the latest in firewall technology for all our electronic systems and have offsite back up protocols tom look after your private tax data. Our computers servers are protected by 24/7 survelliaence sytems.

  • Privacy policy in place and strictly adhered to
  • Latest firewall technology
  • Strict security protocols guaranteed
  • We never give you data to any third party except the ATO

Privacy Policy




Average Refund

200 plus

Tax Deduction items

46 years


You can trust our credentials