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Have your tax prepared and lodged by tax professionals.
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Frequently Asked Question

We frequently get asked many questions about tax preparation, here are some of the most popular ones, we also have a plentiful list of other FAQs§Ó??. View list

  • Can I do my tax remotely with you?

    We offer 2 ways to do your tax remotely that is by Online tax or by using our Skype video service which still gets you in front of one of our highly specialised tax consultants.

  • How long does my refund take to come back to me?

    The turnaround time for you to get to tax refund paid into your nominated bank account direct from the ATO takes about 10 business days. We do not deduct our fees from your refund.

  • Do I need to have receipts to justify my tax deductions?

    A deduction is ONLY normally allowable if an expense meets ALL of the following tests: -
    1. the expense was actually §Ó??incurred§Ó?? before the end of the income year;
    2. the expense meets the deductibility test §Ó?¡°that is, it was incurred in deriving the taxpayer§Ó??s current income and it was not private, domestic or capital in nature and;

    3. the taxpayer can satisfy the stringent substantiation rules §Ó?¡°that is, the taxpayer has written evidence of the expense incurred (if required).

  • What are you methods of Payment for Tax Fees?

    We do not deduct our fee from you refund which means you get it back 3/4 days earlier.

    Payment Methods.

    Debit card
    Credit card
    Amex card
    PayPal Invoice

  • Do you have answers to any more questions?

    Yes, we have a more comprehensive and detailed section of questions and answers View list